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Warranty and Repairs

The iTeraCare Devices come with a 12 months warranty. Products need to be registered upon purchase.

Your device will be repaired or replaced if faulty or defective under warranty. For repair or replacement please contact the person you purchased your device from or you can send a ticket to customer service from your back office account. There are no refunds or returns if you simply change your mind or you are not satisfied with the product. Please ensure you have read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Prife does not accept returns. Sponsors are not responsible for refunds.

How to Registar Your Device?

Log into your business office at and then follow these instructions:


If your device has a serial number:

  1. Find it and enter it into Navigate -> Device Warranty.
  2. Click on the Orange icon next to the Product Name
  3. Enter your Serial Number which is located on the device.
  4. Enter your Security Password 
  5. Confirm

If the serial number has expired, go to INQUIRY and send Customer Service the serial number and ask them to register it manually.

If it is not expired, follow the instructions for registration.

Serial number is imprinted on the handle near the power cord – please enter without the /.


If your device does not have a serial number, go to NAVIGATE / PRODUCT ORDER REPORT and find your DO (Delivery Order number).

Go to INQUIRY and send Customer Service the DO number and ask them to register it manually. This also applies to bonus wands obtained via promotions or Bonus Redemption orders.

For the video presentation, please refer to the following link

iTeraCare Return And Replacement Policy

Product Liability Insurance FAQs

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